Calm waters run deep, as some say. My story begins in the well known city of Medellin, Colombia. This environment provided me with great influences that made me, what I like to believe. An expressive individual. I migrated to the United States with my mom in 2008. This was a pivoting moment of my life.

I attended the public school system in Massachusetts where I learned the regular curriculum and metal working. After graduation I spent roughly 2 1/2 years in the metal industry until I decided to go back to school.  Hartford, Connecticut was my next move and the right one.

I graduated with a B.S in Audio Engineering Technology in May 2021. Luckily, through my connections I was able to find work within a week of graduation. Since then I have been working really hard and improving skills as an engineer.

My main hobby has led me to create this website so I could stablish a form of sharing. I love art. It makes me feel alive and fires up my spirit. I intend to create a space and process to share my career highlights and creative achievements with you!

Stay tuned for more posts :)

The Run Down